Emerging colonies

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Emerging colonies. P M Bhargava, The Hindu, April 5, 2002.

Emerging colonies

Sir, — I read with interest the report appearing that Robert Cooper, senior foreign policy adviser of the British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, has advocated in writing what he has called “defensive imperialism” and “need for colonialisation”, regretting that as of today, there are “no colonial powers”. Apparently, Mr. Blair has endorsed these views as a viable mechanism (for the new colonial powers) to deal with threats from “undemocratic States”.

I agree with both Mr. Blair and Mr. Cooper excepting that they expect Western nations to be the new imperial powers as they are “well-governed” which is a fallacy; their knowledge about the rest of the world is obviously poor.

Discounting the ignorance, which is common amongst the leaders of the West, I suggest that, to begin with, the U.S. should be colonised by China, which, after all, already has a good share of the consumer market in the U.S. The U.K. should be colonised by South Africa; Russia by Japan; and Spain by Cuba. Italy will do well to be colonised by France and Vietnam together; and India should be satisfied by having Portugal as its colony. For the rest of the world, we could set up a committee under the United Nations with New Zealand as the chairman and Guatemala, Columbia and Mauritius as the co-chairmen.

P.M. Bhargava,

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