Vaastu changes are unconstitutional

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KCR, Naidu spend public money to make ‘vaastu’ changes in their official residences

Vaastu changes are unconstitutional says P M Bhargava

I am amused because vaastu is completely unscientific and irrational. Sub-section (h) in Article 51(a) of the Constitution makes it a fundamental duty “to develop scientific temper, humanism and spirit of inquiry and reform.” So, to say that our leaders are indulging in acts that are unconstitutional is an understatement.

It is the belief in irrational practices — such as vaastu, astrology, numerology, homeopathy, rahukalam and looking for auspicious dates for weddings and taking oaths, or wearing certain coloured stones —  that is largely responsible for the backwardness of our country.  It is strange to see Mr Rao reject the existing Chief Minister’s camp office and go for a vaastu-compliant one.

I believe there is a serious problem when people holding high offices believe in vaastu and spend public money on remodeling or building new structures. This is even more worrisome considering the publicity their activities get.  They are bound to influence crores of people. This irrationality is bound to get translated into other irrational actions.

For instance, Mr Rao says there is no place for Seemandhra employees in Telangana. It has never been defined who is a Telangana citizen  and who is a Seemandhra citizen.  It is amazing that these politicians’ immediate worries are about vaastu and not about how dirty our cities are.

I believe that their concern with vaastu is a symptom of a very serious disease, that is, unscientific and irrational behaviour affecting their decision-making abilities in other areas which concern the entire population.

Given the right to individual freedom in a democracy, their right to have certain beliefs, however unscientific and irrational they may be, is acceptable only when confined to their own personal activities.

But surely they have no right to impose them on others or use public money to satisfy their whims and fancies arising out of these beliefs. This would be as much true of many  leaders in our country as of our two CMs-in-waiting.

Vaastu changes are unconstitutional. P M Bhargava, Deccan Chronicle, May 25, 2014, p 2

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