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Dr PM Bhargava (22 February 1928 – 01 August 2017)

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Ramjit Kumar Ramjit Kumar from Patna wrote on September 28, 2017:
This country called "India" will continue to miss you, Sir.

A strong heartfelt condolence from a young scholar who is determined to carry forward your work in area of dissemination of scientific temper.
Mayank Tripathi Mayank Tripathi from India wrote on August 5, 2017:
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Prof Bhargava was a great man.. RIP...
Susheel Sharma Susheel Sharma from India wrote on August 5, 2017:
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Shocked to hear about the demise of great visionary and Scientist respected Dr PM Bhargava. You will always be there in the heart of young researchers as role model. Rest In Peace Sir
Sita Ram Prasad Sita Ram Prasad from India wrote on August 5, 2017:
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Deeply Saddened by Demise of our Beloved Sir. But his,ideals will cherish for long
K M FAIZAL K M FAIZAL from India wrote on August 5, 2017:
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Really got to know about this patriot indian while searching on net for other reference really very much regret to feel that he is no more but my heart felt salute to this beloved son of our motherland INDIA.May his soul rest in peace and being a Muslim will always remember him during my namaaz.
SHAIK MASTAN VALI SHAIK MASTAN VALI from India wrote on August 5, 2017:
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Dr.P.M. Bhargava Sir is part from being a scientist, he had been a great patriot and progressive minded human being.Dr.P.M.Bhargava Sir had inspired thousands of rationalists in the country and instilled courage and steadfastness among the people to stand firm and fight against obscurantism, irrationality, superstition, pseudoscience and communal forces.I pay my respectful homage to the great scientist.
Rukmini Raju Rukmini Raju from India wrote on August 5, 2017:
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Sad that PMB is no more. Indeed, an irreplaceable loss to the Indian Scientific Community. A Scientist to the core and a Humanist to the fore, a Visionary with flair and a Champion of scientific temper. We at CCMB truly miss his magnanimous presence forever! May his Soul Rest in Peace.
Palaparthi Ramesh Palaparthi Ramesh from India wrote on August 4, 2017:
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Huge Loss to the nation, as he was a Phenomenon, Humanist and above all a great patriot.

Once asked how could you create CCMB in India, he said politely only in India you can build such excellent institutes, since it has democracy, tolerance & talent.

A true inspirational being.
True inspirational being.
Challagulla Balakrishna Challagulla Balakrishna from India wrote on August 4, 2017:
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My heartfelt condolences to the family members and closely associated.

He inspired many young scientists.
Rakesh Andania Rakesh Andania from India wrote on August 4, 2017:
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My Heartfelt condolences
Prof. Dipak kumar Bagchi Prof. Dipak kumar Bagchi from India wrote on August 4, 2017:
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I regard him as an idol. Following his path I would defy to be an intellectually and socially sterile person .My regard to this great personality who taught us to adopt scientific temper.
G.V.K.Senthil Aasaan G.V.K.Senthil Aasaan from India wrote on August 4, 2017:
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Great human being who raised the standard of humanity... A Scientist Forever...!
D V Rama Krishna Rao D V Rama Krishna Rao from Hyderabad wrote on August 3, 2017:
Even as a layman I am very sad to know that he is no more.We have lost a great scientist, a great builder of a research institute and a great human being.
Jitendra Kumar Jitendra Kumar from India wrote on August 3, 2017:
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It is sad to know that you are no more a part of mortal world. It is really a big loss to india and world. It makes me sad that I did not know about you when you were part of this world.
kishorebabu.jasti kishorebabu.jasti from India wrote on August 3, 2017:
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it is a great loss to the science movement.he repeatedly spoke and struggled to develop scientific temper.he is a real scientist memorable for ever.
Kumar Sambamurti Kumar Sambamurti from Charleston, SC wrote on August 3, 2017:
I was indeed fortunate to start my career in science with Dr. Bhargava in the late 70s and early 80s. He was the ultimate meritocrat whose contribution to Indian science cannot be exaggerated. His commitment to leadership in Indian Science is exemplified in his deep involvement in school level education with the NCERT books and method of science museum to help break those insecurity barriers that held Indian Science behind. The successful building and development of CCMB represents the pinnacle of his contribution to Indian Science. At a time when India’s leadership was suppressing all kinds of technical developments in the name to sharing resources among the poorest, his success in raising funds to develop CCMB, a premier research institute that was unique in many ways, is an incredible achievement. His inclusion of everyone from Janitor to office staff to animal caretakers to fresh technicians and graduate students to senior faculty in developing ideas for the new institution are exceptional anywhere and a complete antithesis of the Image of India and its perceived caste hierarchy. The product, CCMB, became the institute to copy by numerous research centers in India and abroad. It was built to provide the maximum access to cutting edge resources at the technical level, provide sound maintenance and servicing plans and maximize interaction and collaboration at the social level.

At a scientific level, he came up with brilliant unique ideas and treated all his colleagues as potential Nobel Laureates. He held regular meetings that included all the scientists at the institution, and got everyone to discuss key current developments and critique them in a rigorous manner. He encouraged everyone to think differently and raised awareness of developments in biochemistry, genetics, cell biology and molecular biology to lay the foundation for fundamental advances in Indian science. The international leaders of science he invited and successfully hosted included Rodney Porter and Francis Crick. When he hosted Dr. Crick, he organized a public lecture and broadcast his lecture into a large football field. The meeting rooms and the field was literally mobbed by eager students and faculty from schools from several neighboring villages, cities and states making it a memorable event highlighting the celebrity status of Dr. Crick in India in the early 80s. The environment he created with his senior graduate students like ESP Reddy, Veena Rao, KS Prasad and Ravi Sirdeshmukh, senior colleagues: MW Pandit, MR Das and D Balasubramanian and brilliant young recruits such as as Nagaraj, Ramakrishna, Ashok Kar, Usha Srinivas, Sushil Dubey, Pramod Srivastava and Shivaji was unique. His keen focus on the fundamental questions that form the pillars that drive major advances and his disdain for trivial extensions, while still paying attention to detail was amazing. As recently as 5 years back, he published articles on science and policy in the highest impact scientific journals such as Science and Nature in his mid to late 80s. I am sure that his inspiration and spirit will be forever present among those who were lucky to work with him and be touched by his focus and attitude. I hope that this spirit of leadership will keep growing even in his demise. It has been 35 years since I left CCMB and I have not met anyone who has inspired me as much as Dr. Bhargava. May his spirit lead us constant expansion of thought coupled with social commitment.
Siva Dharshini R Siva Dharshini R from India wrote on August 3, 2017:
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RIP Sir... I am lucky to meet you once in my lifetime. You are a wise person and great scientist. Again great loss to Indian Science....
Dr Rajinder Kumar Dr Rajinder Kumar from India wrote on August 3, 2017:
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Not a big loss but an Era of Eco safety diminished.
Prashant Srivastava Prashant Srivastava from India wrote on August 3, 2017:
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My deep condolences with Dr Bhargava. Great loss to our country.
Vijayasaradhi Setaluri Vijayasaradhi Setaluri from United States of America wrote on August 3, 2017:
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As a young and aspiring PhD student at equally young and upcoming CCMB in early 1980s, I was fortunate to see Dr. Bhargava and interact with him at tea breaks-twice a day- and be inspired by the breadth of his knowledge. I owe much of my success as a scientist to his inspiration.

May his soul rest in peace.

Vijay Setaluri, PhD
Cripps-Ratcliff Professor
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Madison, WI USA
Dr. Tushar Chakraborty Dr. Tushar Chakraborty from CSIR-IICB,Kolkata wrote on August 3, 2017:
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Being a molecular biologist by training I came to know PMB from student days.But ,before that I got impressed by his science exhibit , which was a great endeavour to trace scientific mentality and creative exploration and use of science inherent in Indian culture .Unfortunately, that got entangled with Indira Gandhi and emergency politics and shows the stupidity of our scientific community to defend itself and protect our high value assets.

In 1990s, when I decided to return to India leaving a faculty position in US,I was invited to CCMB . But , after visiting CCMB felt a declining mode set in after his superannuation. It took some more time for CCMB to recover that loss. Still ,CCMB excels from its unique Structure and organisations - designed by PMB.

From 2006 onwards I became gradually involved with GM crop issues and the farm crisis in India. Here , I again found PMB in an unique role. I learned the art of organized skepticism from him in this period.

That GM food and agricultural controversy is still running strong.It is a very important issue which few molecular biologists appreciates. His loss is untimely and irreparable in that sense.
Prof.Bibhu Santosh Behera Prof.Bibhu Santosh Behera from India wrote on August 3, 2017:
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We have missed a Great Scientist. No one can repay his loss.All Indians must remember Dr.Bhargav for his contribution
Lawrence Surendra Lawrence Surendra from India wrote on August 3, 2017:
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It is with deep sadness that I have come to know the of the passing away of Dr.PM.Bhargava. The last time I had met him was at the JUNU-University of Sussex Science Policy meeting and had a conversation with him after dinner. I promised him and his associate and friend who had accompanied him that I would visit him in Hyderabad and meet him somehow did not that happen.

I offer my heartfelt condolences, to his family, his close friends and associates and offer them courage and hope they find solace in continuing his ideas and work and in whatever we can help I would we be glad to do so.
Bichal Madhusudan Rao Bichal Madhusudan Rao from India wrote on August 3, 2017:
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Dr. Sakkariya Ibrahim NP Dr. Sakkariya Ibrahim NP from India wrote on August 3, 2017:
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A sad moment for the Whole India. He was a great humanist, Scientist and most importantly, he was a relentless fighter for the cause of scientific temper. My salutes for him
B.Narsan B.Narsan from India wrote on August 3, 2017:
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Being a common man I was immensely impressed by his rational thoughts and daring steps against Govt. anti common man decisions. He is poineer in not only biology, in humanity also.
He is one of the rarest human beings among the left over for society concern.
V Chennakesava Rao V Chennakesava Rao from India wrote on August 3, 2017:
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Please accept our deep-felt condolences on the demise of Dr. PM Bhargava.
Dr. Bhargava is an honest scientist, founder of CCMB and associated with left movement in India. He spent a simple life. The country lost a legendary scientist.

Our sympathies to the bereaved family members. May his noble soul rest in peace.

-V. Chennakesava Rao
Chandra Rajeswara Rao Foundation for Social Progress (CR Foundation)
CR Marg, Kondapur, Hyderabad-500084.
A Sharada A Sharada from India wrote on August 3, 2017:
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PMB was a great promoter of scientific temper, a rational thinker and founder of this (CCMB) prestigious institution. He is a gem of a person. His demise is a great loss to the scientific fraternity. We miss you dearly PMB. RIP
Dr V K Vijayan Dr V K Vijayan from United States of America wrote on August 3, 2017:
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The demise of Prof Bhargava is a great loss to the Indian Science. The contributions of Prof Bhargava to science and to the community will be remembered by the future generations. His passing way at this juncture is a great loss to Bhopal gas disaster victims for whom he fought tirelessly for the last few decades. My heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family members. Pray for the departed soul and may his soul rest in peace.

Dr VK Vijayan
Former Director
VP Chest Institute
University of Delhi
Sandhya pramod Sandhya pramod from United States of America wrote on August 3, 2017:
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It is very sad to know the news of Dr. Bhargava. The Scientific world will miss him. Dr. Bhargava was a great person in building CCMB in spite of many criticism from the political government.

Future world will miss him. May his soul rest in peace Amen.

Rashpal Malhotra Rashpal Malhotra from India wrote on August 3, 2017:
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My dear Chandana;

It was very shocking to learn the news of passing away of very very dear friend Pushpa. My colleague, the Librarian has brought the picture of his, published in the News papers. He is looking at me as if he has a question to ask that how can I did not enquire about his health since he was not keeping well as reported in the Press now.
I indeed feel sad and regretful of not having kept regular contact with you and him which should have been there due to our very close and affectionate relationship. While sending this message on behalf of Priti, myself and my other colleagues, who have known him very well, one scene of having travelled to Dehradun, Saharanpur and other places is passing through my eyes.
I feel quite nostalgic about our relationship and feel the loss of a dear friend is something which will remain a big void in our life.

Please do let me know if you need anything. Please convey my condolence message to the members of his family. I close this letter with my prayers and best wishes for his soul to rest in peace and give strength to bear this irreparable loss.

Rashpal Malhotra
Executive Vice Chairman
Centre for Research in Rural and Industrial Development (CRRID)
Ravi Ravi from India wrote on August 3, 2017:
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My heartfelt condloences to one of the great mind of India. He will be remembered for his effort to popularize science and his scientific contributions. He will be remembered for his strong social positions which made him stand tall among the scientific community.
Prof M S Swaminathan Prof M S Swaminathan from India wrote on August 3, 2017:
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2 August 2017

Son of Dr P M Bhargava

Dear Sir

It is with very great sorrow that I listened to the news on NDTV of the sad demise of your dear father. Pushpa Bhargava was not only a great scientist but an intellectual of great integrity and total commitment to our country’s scientific progress. I share your sorrow and pray for the peace of the departed soul.

With warm personal regards,

Yours sincerely,

M S Swaminathan
Vijay Singh Meena Vijay Singh Meena from India wrote on August 3, 2017:
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Arnab Mukhopadhyay Arnab Mukhopadhyay from India wrote on August 3, 2017:
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A truly great scientist and leader. Will be remembered fondly and missed by the scientific community.
Asha Gopinathan Asha Gopinathan from India wrote on August 3, 2017:
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SO sad to hear of the passing of Prof. Bhargava. He was the embodiment of scientist and vocal citizen. His articulate views expressed during the GM controversy will not be forgotten. It seems like the end of an era in Indian science.
Kothapalli Ravibabu and Divi Kumar Kothapalli Ravibabu and Divi Kumar from India wrote on August 3, 2017:
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The demise of Bhargava is a great loss to the movement against communalism,religious fanatacism and other social evils that are suffocating the people of India at present. Our organisation JANA SAAHITHI expresses condolences for the death of Bhargava and we are planning to pay tributes to him by publishing some of his essays on science and scientific temperament in our Telugu monthly PRAJAA SAAHITHI.
Dr. Chandana Mathur Dr. Chandana Mathur from Ireland wrote on August 3, 2017:
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I am writing to express my deep sadness at this loss, sincere admiration for an extraordinary scientist-activist, and heartfelt sympathies for his family and associates.
krishna Prasad krishna Prasad from India wrote on August 3, 2017:
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It pains me to hear the news. He was a very prominent supporter of the GM Free movement and was a keystone in preventing BT Brinjal from entering our kitchen.May his soul rest in peace.
Alphonse Thanaraj Alphonse Thanaraj from Saudi Arabia wrote on August 3, 2017:
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This news brings much sadness to me. Since I joined CCMB in 1981, I had the privilege of knowing and working under his directorship. His charisma, pleasing personality, vision, ability to implement what he thought was good for the country in large and for the technology arena in partic andular, his love for art in science, the caring love towards others, are some of his features that I adored in him.

May He RIP.

Santosh Kumar Kuncha Santosh Kumar Kuncha from India wrote on August 3, 2017:
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Though he is no more, his vision, ideology and scientific temper will be alive in the Indian Biological Science. Many his soul rest in peace.
Divakar Divakar from India wrote on August 3, 2017:
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It was out privilege to have scientist like you in our country. We youngsters have so much to learn from eminent scientist like you. We need more persons like you to guide us through this transitional period of INDIA becoming the world renowned hub in Research.
K. VijayRaghavan K. VijayRaghavan from Department of Biotechnology, Government of India wrote on August 3, 2017:
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The passing of Dr Pushpa M. Bhargava is a major inflexion in science in India. Before founding CCMB, for which is rightly and widely praised, his connection with the world’s best in Molecular Biology brought them to India and Hyderabad.

Later, CCMB was a model for all us to emulate. Its impact on the biotech and biology landscape in India is immense and truly transformative. Pushpa engaged ferociously all his life in many issues in which he held strong views. Even when his friends and colleagues held contrary opinions, they admired and envied his persistence and courage.

He will be missed very much. Please convey to CCMB and to Pushpa’s family and friends, the deepest condolences of all my colleagues at the Department of Biotechnology and my personal condolences too.