Letter regarding NKC

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I have read your cover story on the Knowledge Commission (EW November) on which I need to comment.

I was somewhat intrigued by your describing me and Pratap Bhanu Mehta as “liberal”, as against Andre Beteille, Deepak Nayyar and Jayati Ghosh, whom you have labelled, “left-leaning”. Can’t a person be liberal and left-leaning? Aren’t intellectuals (certainly, leading scientists) overwhelmingly left-leaning and liberal as against right-wing and conservative? The reason I have raised this issue is that the nature of a person’s overall social commitment is bound to play a role in determining not only his views but also his actions. There-fore the contribution of the members of the National Knowledge Commission will surely be determined by the nature of their social commitment.

Further, you described the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad constructed under my stewardship as a Rs.12.5 crore laboratory. This was the money spent on its construction and basic furnishings 25 years ago! The laboratory today, I would imagine, would be worth well over Rs.500 crore. Not only that, even though I spent only Rs.12.5 crore on building and services, the estimates were close to Rs.65 crore which shows where the money in construction generally goes!

Dr. P.M. Bhargava, Hyderabad

Letter regarding NKC. P.M. Bhargava. Education World, Jan. 2006, p.10.

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